Volunteer Hours

Spruce View Agricultural Society Volunteer Hours 2015/16 and 2016/2017 The Spruce View Agricultural Society operates the Dickson Arena and therefore depends upon volunteer assistance in maintaining and operating our building. Each family involved with either Spruce View Minor Hockey or the Spruce View Skating Club is required to complete a set number of volunteer hours (according to the number of children involved 10 hours/1 child, 18 hours/2 children, 24 hours/3 or more children). A cheque for $500/family post-dated for May 31,2016 must be provided to the Spruce View Agricultural Society at the date of registration. Once volunteer hours have been completed this cheque will be destroyed. Failure to complete your specified number of hours will result in the cashing of this cheque. The volunteer hour calendar runs from June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017. Parents of Pre-Dynamite or Pre-Skate registrants (0 4 yrs) are not required to complete volunteer hours for that child only. Volunteer hours may be completed in several ways. Spruce View Agricultural Society Board Directors receive one volunteer hour for every meeting attended (executive receives more), volunteering for special events (i.e. Mud Bog, Horse Show, Rodeo), fundraising events, extra kitchen hours (tournaments, public skating). Janitorial duties however are no longer available for volunteer hours. Please contact the caretaker for further information. Once completed, volunteer hours must be recorded by the Volunteer Hours Coordinator: Camille Box 403-598-4352 email address cl_hicks@hotmail.com Hours not recorded will not be included in your final total. If you are interested in joining the Spruce View Agricultural Society Board please contact the Secretary, Katie Hillman. Thank you and have a fantastic season!!!!!!